5 Ways to Improve Teacher PD

You know the feeling. I know you do. Because I'm a teacher too. Perhaps you are sitting in one of your school board's or districts teacher PD sessions as you read this. Maybe you've been given the Herculean task of planning your school's next PD Day. Or, if you're really lucky, you have only ever... Continue Reading →

School’s Out: The Power of Goodbye

The end of the school year inevitably brings with it many "goodbyes". We say goodbye to the stresses of the day to day grind, the memos, drills, mid-term grading periods, inappropriate student behaviour, problem/helicopter parents, and the plethora of administrative tasks that seem to take over what seems like months of our lives. Soon, our... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Midterm has come and gone. Books, papers, uniform policies, misunderstood memos and excuses for being late to class are all back in session. But what about our students? Are they? Let me begin by saying that I care tremendously about my students as people. Real human beings that live in a real - and often cruel... Continue Reading →

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