Martina Fasano, Hons Ba, BEd, MEd, OCT

I’m Martina Fasano. AKA The Rock Star Teacher – published author, high school classroom teacher in Ontario, Canada (history, civics, law, economics, geography), blogger, speaker, social media manager, musician, and lover of all things rock’n’roll.

When I’m not coming up with creative ways to teach social studies, I’m writing about my experiences, presenting at conferences, interviewing rock stars for the Seymour Duncan blog as well as my own, Playing With Chaos.

Growing up as a young musician and avid lover of history, I was blessed to have some great teachers that fueled my passions for the things I loved, as well as offered themselves as mentors through this great journey we call life. As a teacher, I see that many of us are teaching the way we were taught, and for some of us, well, that just falls short.

The 21st century will demand teachers to be facilitators of student connections and critical thinking skills. We are no longer needed as simple disemminators of information: Google can do that. My goal is to provide a blog about my own classroom experiences, but also to provide teachers who want to take their classroom practice to the next level with the tools and resources to do so.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get rockin’!

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